Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Treatment

Bluestone identified and installed efficiency upgrades to lighting and refrigeration systems in over 250 Stop & Shop stores along the eastern seaboard as well as Stop & Shop's 1.5 million square foot distribution center.

Stop & Shop

Bluestone performed an in-depth lighting analysis of Stop & Shop locations and the turnkey installation of the resulting lighting designs. Bluestone worked with the local utility companies and qualified these lighting upgrades for incentives totaling $1,012,000. The projects provide annual savings of $1,700,000.

Supermarket refrigeration systems consume roughly 70% of a store's annual energy usage. Bluestone identified and installed efficiency upgrades to these systems that qualified for utility incentives totaling $1,015,000. These projects combined provide annual savings of $930,000.

Stop & Shop

The lighting and refrigeration projects resulted in annual savings for Stop & Shop of over 2.6 million dollars per year and qualified for utility incentives of over 2 million dollars.

Stop & Shop


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